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Sometimes there just isn’t enough floor space for your wine collection but now you can raise your wine storage to new heights with a Vinrac wall-mounted wine rack.

Wall space is frequently underutilised but can offer some exciting and creative possibilities for wine storage for the home cellar, commercial wine storage, or wine retailer.

Vinrac‘s modular wine wall rack gives you the freedom to adapt and change your wine rack as your wine storage needs grow.

And the Vinrac wine rack will look stunning on any wall.

Look around you and you’ll be amazed at the potential sites for a wall mounted wine rack including:

  • Cellar
  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Above or Under stairs
  • Above or in cupboards
  • Storeroom

Planning your wall-mounted wine rack

Whether you want to store as few as 24 bottles, or 100’s of bottles, Vinrac modular wine racks are perfect for creating your own spectacular wall wine rack.

There are some important things to think about when designing your wall mounted wine rack:

  • Even temperature, easy access, and absence of direct sunlight are very important for good wine storage.
  • Calculate the size of your rack by measuring the area. Don’t make the rack too high to reach and don’t include inaccessible corners in your calculations.
  • Make sure the wall is strong and level. Identify the location of studs or other solid areas suitable for attaching the bracing. All racks higher than 1 metre should be braced. This is important for safety reasons. Stainless steel brackets for securing your wall mounted wine rack are available separately.
  • Don’t store your wine in an area that is subject to vibrations. Vibration inhibits the healthy aging process and stirs up sediments, affecting the quality of your wine.

Your wall-mounted wine rack should not exceed 1.8 metres in total height – again this is for safety reasons.

The Vinrac’s sleek, elegant size allows you to fit wall-mounted wine rack in the most amazing tight spaces.

A single four bottle tray measures just 432mm wide by 41mm high. Remember; you can build your racks vertically or expand to either side.

Refer to the wine rack dimensions page for details on space requirements for your Vinrac wine rack.

Advantages of the Vinrac wine rack:

  • The Vinrac modular wine rack can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Compact, space saving design–starting at 432mm x 41mm for a four bottle rack- is perfect for those small areas where nothing else fits.
  • Horizontal storage of your wine prevents the corks from drying out and the resulting loss of quality.
  • Simple to install– Vinrac wine racks take just a couple of minutes to put together.

Install your wine rack in minutes

The whole process of ordering and installing your Vinrac wine rack is fast and simple.

Choose the wine rack pack that suits your needs and order online.

Simple step-by-step instructions walk you through building, modifying or relocating your wine rack.

The whole process takes minutes—no tools or special expertise needed.

See for yourself how simple and quick it is to build your very own wine rack system, click on the video and follow the simple instructions, and within minutes you will have built your very own wine wall rack.