Wine Racks

We recommend stacking to a maximum height of 1.8 metres.

The Vinrac system should be bracketed once the system is over 1 metre high. We can supply stainless steel brackets on request.

You can fit bottles up to 90mm in diameter (red wine bottles are around 75mm). Most 750ml Champagne bottles will fit, and the odd one that won’t fit can be stored on the top layer.

Ensure an additional clearance space of 75mm to position bottles on the top rack.

A 60 bottle wine rack can be assembled in less than four minutes.

Wine Racks Dimensions

The Vinrac wine rack system is modular, allowing it to be built to fit the size and shape of your cellar or kitchen. You can make a Vinrac wine rack as large, or small as you require.

Each Rack holds 4 bottles, and extra racks can be added in seconds.

The bottom layer of the Vinrac system is 41mm high. Each subsequent layer added is 102mm high.

A 3 layer high rack will be 41+102+102=245mm high.

One 4 bottle wide tray is 432mm wide. As the trays slot into each other horizontally each subsequent tray is only 424mm wide so a 12 bottle (3 tray) wide rack will be 432+424+424=1280mm wide.

Ensure a minimum clearance of 75mm for placing bottles on the top rack

If you have a specific space you want to fill, please contact us and we can help to calculate the correct quantity to fit.

The wine rack dimensions are as follows:

Width Height Depth
1 Rack (4 bottles) 432mm 41mm 319mm
2 Racks (8 bottles) 856mm 143mm 319mm
3 Racks (12 bottles) 1280mm 245mm 319mm
4 Racks (16 bottles) 1704mm 347mm 319mm
Extra racks add 424mm 102mm

*These dimensions do not include the wine bottles.

Bottle sizes

The Vinrac Modular wine rack system has been designed to hold the most popular, common wine bottle sizes.

It can fit bottles that are up to 90mm in diameter.

A Vinrac Wine Rack can hold the following bottle sizes:

– Standard Red Wine Bottles (approx 75mm diameter)
– Standard White Wine Bottles (approx 75mm diameter)
– Most 750ml Champagne bottles (larger Champagne Bottles may be stored on the top layer)