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Modular Rack for Wines

Modular Rack for Wine Bottles

Enjoying fine wines has become an essential part of Australia’s social scene with Australians enjoying some 70 million litres of wine each year.

Although creating fine wine is a complex art, storage should be simple allowing everyone to appreciate your wine collection and provide convenient easy access.

Having a variety of good wines really adds elegance to your social events and what better way to store and display them than with a Vinrac modular wine rack?

Vinrac appreciates that everyone’s wine storage needs are different so we have designed a wine rack that really caters to your individual needs.

The Vinrac Modular Wine Racks combine the advantages of a standard wine rack system capable of storing high volumes with all the options for complete customisation.

This means that you can store your favourite wines in a way that suits you.

What makes the Vinrac modular wine rack so good?

Space Saving Design

Space Saving Design Under Kitchen Bench

The design concept for our Modular rack kits is brilliantly simple and is built around basic modules that can be added to, combined or rearranged to suit any size or shape space whilst still maintaining great strength, functionality and a stylish appearance.

The smallest base unit stores 4 bottles of wine giving you the perfect freedom to design small or large, scalable wine storage modules for the home cellar, office storeroom, or commercial wineries.

We looked for some really important design features in our Vinrac modular wine rack including:

  • Flexibility of use- one of the key principles we looked for in designing the Vinrac modular wine rack. It’s this flexibility that allows you to use it across multiple applications, as a wine cabinet within a confined space, a complete racking system that is fixed to a wall holding hundreds of bottles of wine, or as a simple wine storage unit in a wine bar.
  • Compact, space saving design. Save on valuable storage space; the basic module starts at 432mm x 41mm (not including the wine bottles) so it’s perfect for those small little areas where nothing else fits.
  • Horizontal storage of your wine prevents the corks from drying out and the resulting loss of quality.
  • Simplicity – the Vinrac wine racks take just a couple of minutes to put together without the need for any tools, they simply slot together.

How many bottles will it hold?

Vinrac Display Wine Rack Awkward Spaces

Modular design for awkward spaces

Our standard modular rack systems are available in a number of sizes starting as small as a 24 bottle rack all the way to a 240 bottle rack.

Currently available sizes are: 24 bottle, 36 bottle, 48 bottle, 60 bottle,120 bottle, 180 bottle, 240 bottle but larger sizes are available on inquiry.

Where larger racking systems are required please forward your requirements and we will prepare a quotation.

Vinrac– for a stylish, simple, flexible, space-saving way to store your favourite wines.

View some of the other Vinrac wine rack options for larger floor space areas, fixing to a wall area, under cupboards or under benchtops.